Bad Habit 系列


In this series, I replace daily objects such as notebooks, sketchbooks, and tabletops with similar sized copper plates. Copper is a metal that is relatively soft and can be damaged easily. While using the plates, besides the words and drawings that are meant to be recorded, it is inevitable that some traces on the surface will be left by dust or any other fine scratch. After use for one to four months and followed by the acid-etching technique that etches the traces on the copper plates, I will then print  the etching on paper. Through the etching technique, I will accumulate the life tracks that are formed by my body and time. Also, all the traces are recorded equally without any selection, making my body an objective device for transforming and transferring experiences.

Bad Habit I

銅板腐蝕 Etching
210 mm X 148 mm
日本泉紙 Izumi paper 2016